ZARTNIR - About Us

About Us

Founded in 2017, Zartnir is a unique organization whose aim is to create a reading generation among Armenian schoolchildren. In 10-20 years they will become the major part of Armenia population and should be able to apply their broad-minded vision and skills to develop our country.

The main idea of Zartnir is to form a prosperous country in the future. For this purpose, we need a solid basis today, i.e. youngers who tend to read and analyze, who strive for self-development.

In schools located in rural and near-border areas there are poor conditions: almost no school libraries, or they have a book shortage or old books that do not attract students to read.
Apart from poor conditions, teachers mostly do not involve students in discussions and opinion sharing. As a result, students almost do not read and are being shy to express their opinion.

We provide  school students world-wide known fiction that is important to read at their age, make lessons interactive and encourage students to express their opinion. Moreover, we organize school trips that help students to discover the world a bit more – tours to museum, galleries, theaters.

One of the main principles of our program is “shared economy” that allows us to maximize amount of students who read books per spent money. Zartnir does not purchase a book for each student personally, instead we provide books per 1–1.5 months to students in one school and then schools exchange the books.

We want to remind not only schoolchildren, but also youth and adults that in order to maintain mental health and a long prosperous life they need constant development. So far, the best way to reach this is just to read continuously. All human’s heritage and knowledge are treasured in books, and getting it, we enrich and develop our mind. To get more information on the advantages of reading (according to scientific papers), please visit “Why Reading”.