ZARTNIR - Events


We support our teachers’ and students’ intention to arrange excursions to museums, galleries and theater trips.

Unfortunately, such events are not a regular practice in Armenia. Schools or parents do not organize them regularly, even 1-2 times a year.

It encouraged us to support financially our students’ trips by means of our program’s fund.

Such events are necessary for a proper development. Since children read books, they become more curious about the world around and we would like to provide them with the opportunities to learn more!

Masis school students on an excursion to the National Gallery of Yerevan and the Bukinist store, Dec 17

Masis and Armavir schools’ students on an excursion at Ayb school, Mar 18

Masis school students on a field trip at Tumo School, Oct 18

Movses school students on an excursion at UWC Dilijan School, Nov 19