ZARTNIR - Get Involved

Get Involved

6 ways to make a difference

Donate for the purposes of development:

  • Books purchases & delivery
  • School trips
  • Methodology development
  • NGO operations
Donate Donate Monthly

Organize fundraising events:

Let’s combine our efforts to Revive Reading Armenia and provide equal opportunities for school students’ development


Become a Zartnir teacher:

Be on the frontline of changes and be a driver for children’s development


Join our team to be the change:

  • A mission to share
  • Strong ”corporate” culture
  • Exciting tasks
  • Fascinating results

Inspire students with cool locations:

  • Zartnir students have already visited TUMO, UWC Dilijan, Ayb school
  • Invite them to inspiring places, it gives a big boost to development

Share with students knowledge about professions:

  • Students really need such conversations with true professionals